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Emergency Plan

WCSD has worked very proactively to create safe schools. CLICK HERE to visit their website for an overview of the districts planning.

Our District has also created a flipchart that is available in each classroom as a reference for teachers. The flipchart can be found online here: WCSD Emergency Flipchart.

There are four different emergency drills that are practiced throughout the year:

  • Lockout!  Secure the Perimeter  This means all students are to stay inside the locked building and continue school as usual.
  • Lockdown! Locks, Lights, Out of Sight  Classroom doors are locked, lights are turned off, hide, maintain silence, and wait for responder to open the door.
  • Evacuate!  (Directions to Follow)  Students are to leave their stuff behind, form a line, and follow their teachers’ directions.  Teachers will lead the students to the back of the playground equipment, take roll, and notify if missing, extra or injured students.  Teachers will lead the students out the front of the school, cross the street and gather at Bumbleberry Inn if the school site is not safe.  Parents and only individuals listed on the school emergency card will be allowed to pick up their students.
  • Shelter!  (Directions to Follow) If there is an earthquake, students will be asked to drop, cover and hold until it is safe to get up.  The school is prepared to stay in place for severe weather.  When notified, parents can pick up their students or transportation can be provided by the district to return them to their bus stop.

If you ever have a safety concern with regards to Springdale Elementary, please contact Mrs. Snodgress directly.