Schedules & Minutes

Third Thursday of every month!

Next Meeting:  December 15th  at 3:45 p.m 

August 2022 Minutes

Council Responsibilities

Utah’s Public Schools are the beneficiary of a percentage of all Trust Land revenue, which is generated from a School Land Trust.  Income earned from the fund is distributed annually to individual school councils using a per-pupil formula. To see how Springdale Elementary uses the School Land Trust funds click HERE.

  • We follow the “Roberts Rules of Order”

SCHOOL PLAN 2022-2023

What You Should Know About Our

School Community Council

1.     Community Council meetings are generally held once a month – time and day set by the Community Council each fall.

2.    Community Council has at least 10 official voting members, but everyone (parent or guardian of a student who is attending our school) is invited to attend and participate. Your input is valuable!

3.    Community Council helps the school with decisions on safety issues, school improvement plans, School LAND Trust Program, student activities, staff professional development, Child Access Routing Plans and problem solving.

4.    Minutes from our meetings and the activity reports will be posted on our school website. At the beginning of each school year, all parents and guardians will receive a copy of the Community Council’s annual report.

5.    Every year we encourage new parents to serve on the Community Council as voting members for a two-year term.

6.    Our Community Council and Parent Teacher Organization work very closely together. PTO board members may serve as Community Council members.

7.  For more information and details about school Community Councils visit

Council Members

Chair– Kyla Topham <> 918.384.9121

Co-Chair– Stephanie Bonner  <>   435.773.7572

Parent — Elizabeth Valle <>  435.922.9357

Secretary–Lizz Totten  <>  435.668.6830

Principal– Chris Snodgress  <>  435.632.5441

Teacher– Darcey Spendlove    

Teacher– Katie Munson 

Jodi Lewis   435.225.1407

Final Report From School Land Trust